Crystal Vision Choker (Quartz Charm Choker) (silver-plated-base)

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The crystal vision choker features our popular quartz charm on our mjb original plain choker, and is perfect for layering or to wear alone. You can slide charms off choker to wear plain choker or pile on the charms. Historically, quartz stone has been used for protection and positivity, so we always like to keep some close to our hearts. Quartz: what crystal balls have always been made of. Used for protection and changing bad vibrations. Helps the user with positivity Choker- one size fits all, can be adjusted to fit neck size. Simply grab ends push together to make smaller or pull apart to enlarge.

  • The master healer quartz gemstone choker
  • Silver or Gold Plated Base
  • Quartz choker available in silver and gold
  • Quartz charm can come on and off choker
  • Choker can be worn by itself and backwards